Asheiri aims to support your life journey whether you have a chosen path, are searching or in transition. Material for all events is drawn from many spiritual sources.

BREAKFAST MEDITATION takes place monthly at Asheiri, normally on the first Saturday of the month at 0930. Includes a brief introduction to meditation practice. Followed by an optional bring-and-share breakfast from 1030-1130.
2023 Dates: 4 February, 4 March, 1 April, 6 May, 3 June, 1 July, 5 August, 2 September, 7 October, and 4 November

MEDITATION IN THE TEA HOUSE. Meditation from a variety of spiritual traditions. Takes place on Saturdays as advertised at Asheiri.
2023 Dates:

25 March 1000-1130 - Prana Samyana Meditation Practice with Lorna.

29 April 1000-1130 - Shintaido Meditation with Nagako.

27 May 1000-1130 - Zazen from the Serene Reflection Meditation Practice within Buddhism with Georgie.

MEDITATIVE WALKS grew out of the desire for connection in changing times. The walks take place monthly in various wild and wonderful locations across Galloway. Someone with local knowledge leads the walk. You can choose to walk with others or apart, to talk or to commune with nature. Contact Sarah for details.

SOUL CONVERSATIONS take place monthly. Previously at Allanton World Peace Sanctuary. Currently held online. Using material from Neale Donald Walsch’s evolutionary ‘Conversations with God’ books, the meetings are designed to facilitate a dialogue with our inner spirit. There are readings, questions and space to respond to the material in each person’s own way. No charge.
2023 Dates: 18 January, 15 February, 15 March, 26 April, 17 May, 14 June, 12 July, 16 August


MEDITATION DAY. Introduction to Meditation Practices 1000 - 1600 Saturday 7th October at Baron's Craig, Rockcliffe DG5 4QF

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THE WAY OF THE MASTER. 7 Month Course starting 24 March 2023

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