Most people at some stage in their lives have felt the desire to talk to someone 'wise' about the big life and death questions that are often described as spiritual. 'Who am I?' 'How do I find meaning in my life?' 'Is there a Higher Power?' 'What happens when I die?' 'Should I follow a particular practice?' 'How do I meditate?' 'How do I find my own path while honouring my culture?' 'How can I find inner peace?'

Our Shadows

One thing people generally don't want is to be guided down a path that is someone else's choice, not their own. So they avoid voicing their questions for fear people may try to influence them. But the questions do not go away.

A spiritual mentor is trained to hear your questions, offer insights and help you respond from your own inner wisdom. He or she is non-directive, like a counsellor, and uses many of the same skills such as listening and reflecting. A mentor will be knowledgeable about spirituality and ways to go about exploring it. These ways may include meditation and prayer which are commonly associated with a spiritual path, but may involve practices that are simply part of everyday life such as walking in nature. Mentoring provides tools to discern your true path, so that you go where you are drawn not where you are led.

Mentoring sessions are normally less frequent than counselling and may be arranged on a one-off basis. The ripple effect of skilled mentoring can be life-changing.

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